P1 - The Universe: Distances and Sizes

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Part one of Distances and Sizes Science - Second part of P1 (Our Solar System and the stars).

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P1 - The Universe: Distances and Sizes
1 Distances and Sizes
1.1 The Sun is one of thousands of millions of stars in the Milk Way
1.1.1 The Milky Way is one of thousands of millions of galaxies which make up the Universe
1.2 Distances to objects outside the solar system are measured in light-years
1.2.1 A light year is the distance that light travels in a year. One light year is 9.5 million million kilometres.
1.3 Light travels through space (a vacuum) at a speed of 3.0 x 3000 000 km/s
1.3.1 Light takes a very long time to reach us from the stars. We can only observe what stars were like in the past, when the light left them.

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