One Last Touch

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One Last Touch
1 Narrative
1.1 Propps Sphere of Action
1.1.1 The idea that fairy tale characters are reoccurring roles in Hollywood movies e.g. princess, villain, anti-villain, helper etc.
1.1.2 In 'One Last Touch' our film follows the Propp's theory as we could easily label most of our characters to some of the characters Propp identified. Will would be the princess in this movie by the end and Darcy would be the hero as it is will Darcy who will end up saving Will. This goes against the stereotype of it always being the males saving the girl. Then the anti-hero’s will be Nancy and Jess as even they aren’t the villains in the story they make Will and Darcy’s life a bit harder to get back to the present day.
1.2 Levi Strauss' Binary Opposites
1.2.1 He says that narratives always revolves around binary opposites e.g. good vs. evil.
1.2.2 Some of the binary opposites that feature is ‘reality vs fantasy’ because what happens to the characters would never actually happen so the concept is a fantasy concept. The second binary opposite I have identified is ‘present vs. the past’ as the film flips between the present day back and forth.
1.3 Roland Barthes' codes
1.3.1 Barthes' theory has identified codes that helps the audience understand the plot development.
1.4 Todorovs' theory of disequilibrium
1.4.1 Equilibrium- disequilibrium- re-equilibrium
1.4.2 Equilibrium; when they met at the start Disequilibrium: when Will begins to bump into his family members
2 Genre
2.1 Rick Altman
2.1.1 Genre Evolution- five stages; 'The form finding itself', 'The Classics', 'Stretching the boundaries'. 'Parody', 'Homage'
2.1.2 My trailer would be a 'homage' because I wouldn't identify it as a 'stretching the boundaries film' but the film is not a parody
2.2 Steve Neale
2.2.1 Semantic elements and Syntatic elements Semantic: - Easier for the audience to identify - signs e.g. blood from a horror the time travelling in my story line will be a clear sign that my film belongs to the 'time travel genre' they will be able to tell its a romance from how the character act around each other they will also be able to tell my movie is an adventure from the journey the characters take Syntactic: - themes and plots found in the film - harder for the audience to identify One of the main syntactic elements is the link between the unthinkable and reality which a common theme in sci-fi films
4 Representation
4.1 Stanley Cohen
4.1.1 Believes that negative representations happen because of groups being "marginalised" or "demonised" We will not be showing any negative stereotypes in my trailer as I want the audience to connect with the characters regardless of the gender and age
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