Treatment of Major Depression

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Treatment of Major Depression
1.1 Antidepressants
1.1.1 tricyclics
1.1.2 SSRIs
1.1.3 SNRIs
1.1.4 SNRIs & tricyclics affect norepinephrine, whilst SSRIs don't, meaning there are fewer side-effects SSRIs not as effective, but prefered because lack of side effects
1.1.5 Cheap and easy to administer
1.1.6 Discontinuation syndrome
1.1.7 Stop using them and relapse
1.2 Electroconvulsive therapy
1.2.1 2nd line of treatment if people are unresponsive to drugs
1.2.2 If used with antidepressants the relapse rate is much lower than just drugs
1.2.3 Have to see a doctor far more often
2 Cognitive Therapy
2.1 Education phase
2.2 Behavioural activation
2.3 cognitive rehearsal
2.4 Behavioural hypothesis testing
2.5 breakaway from the negative automatic thoughts
2.6 More control for patient: can eliminate hopelessness
2.6.1 More rewarding
2.7 Less likely to relapse
2.7.1 Teaches them how to cope when feeling down Mindfulness
2.8 Lots of emprical research
2.9 Less effective for severe cases of depression
2.10 Needs sufficiently skilled therapists

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