Something's coming - Bernstein Music in the 20th Century

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Something's coming - Bernstein Music in the 20th Century
1 Background information
1.1 Musicals
1.1.1 Early musicals developed in 1920s
1.1.2 Usually in a popular style
1.2 Leonard Bernstein
1.2.1 Skilled pianist, conductor and broadcaster
1.2.2 Influenced by jazz
1.3 West side story
1.3.1 Composed in1957
1.3.2 Based on Romeo and Juliet
1.3.3 Set in New York
2 Instrumentation
2.1 Solo tenor
2.2 Accompanied by band
2.2.1 Strings Use of harmonics Very high notes Play tremolo Very quick notes
2.2.2 Doesn't overpower singing by using Quiet dynamics Soft timbres Homophonic texture
2.2.3 Woodwind
2.2.4 Brass
2.2.5 Percussion
3 Melody + Structure
3.1 Almost entirely sylabic
3.2 Based on alternation of 3 main themes
3.2.1 1. The quiet, syncopated opening theme 2. The loud, strident theme in 2/4 3. The lyrical, slow-moving theme
3.2.2 Words + meter are changed
4 Rhythm, Meter + Tempo
4.1 Alternates between 3/4 and 2/4
4.2 Feeling of excitement and anticipation made by...
4.2.1 Changes of meter
4.2.2 Fast tempo
4.2.3 Frequent syncopation
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