US Society- RoaringTwenties (1919-1929)

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Roaring Twenties positives

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US Society- RoaringTwenties (1919-1929)
  1. Advertising
    1. Billboard/Newspaper/Magazine/Radio
      1. By 1925 - 2.7 mil families had radios
        1. "keeping up with the neighbours" ideology arrived
          1. Companies paid by the minute to spread product
        2. Large factor in Roaring Twenties
          1. Increased popularity of Movies/Jazz Age ect
          2. Increased fame of Movie/Sports stars
            1. Made hollywood desirable
              1. Famous stars paid huge amounts
                1. Mary Pickford paid $10,000 a week
                  1. When weekly average was $13
            2. Jazz Age
              1. Determined to have fun after War
                1. Possible due to short working hours- large wages
                2. New music and Dancing was all the rage
                  1. Charleston and Black Bottom dance
                    1. Became almost only way for blacks to be sucessful
                      1. Blacks moved from south for less racism
                    2. Very popular during prohibition
                      1. Speakeasies
                    3. Movies
                      1. Most important Leisure Activity of the 1920s
                        1. After the war, movies exploded
                          1. 1922- Cinemas made $4 mil a week in ticket sales
                            1. Advertised by Radios
                            2. People soon wanted cars , homes and clothes like the movie stars
                              1. Gave chances for immigrants to follow American Dream
                                1. Ie. Charlie Chaplin
                              2. Immorality of Movies
                                1. Critics assumed people would follow in movie footsteps
                                  1. Argued that movies lower moral standards
                                    1. By showing cheating and alcohol
                                      1. In 1930- Hays Code published
                                        1. "No picture shall be produced that will lower moral standards of those who see it"
                                2. Sports
                                  1. Baseball/Boxing/Golf became very popular
                                    1. Extra sign of prosperity- attending sports fixtures
                                      1. SPORTS PEOPLE (Babe Ruth) became household names due to advertisment
                                  2. Flappers
                                    1. What were flappers
                                      1. Fashionable young women
                                        1. Hair cut short
                                          1. Short dresses
                                            1. Lots of makeup
                                              1. Usually wealthy
                                                1. Had jobs to spend on fun
                                              2. Impact on USA
                                                1. Shocked many older religious or rural people
                                                  1. Because far more independent that usual
                                                  2. Women got vote in 1920
                                                    1. Gain of power in society
                                                    2. Only benefitted upper middle class / rural class could not afford lifestyle
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