Cardiovascular System

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Sports Science Mind Map on Cardiovascular System, created by Hannah_Stevens on 05/06/2013.

Created by Hannah_Stevens over 6 years ago
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Cardiovascular System
1 Short term effetcs
1.1 Heart rate increases
1.2 Stroke Volume increases
1.3 Cardiac output increases
1.4 Blood vessels dilate
1.4.1 Making skin red/cooling body
1.5 Increased systolic blood pressure
1.6 Blood shunted to working muscles
1.6.1 Blood shunting Rest-Blood flow to digestive system is greater Exercise- Blood is shunted to the muscles Blood Vessels... Arteries Veins Capillaries
2 Long term effects
2.1 Stronger heart-Keeps going for longer
2.2 Increased maximum cardiac output
2.3 Increased stroke volume
2.4 Decreased resting heart rate
2.5 Faster recovery after exercise
2.6 Healthy veins and arteries
2.7 Increased VO2 Max
2.8 More red blood cells
2.8.1 Deliver oxygen quicker to muscles
2.9 Less risk of coronary disease

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