Yalta Conference, Feb 1945

Prof. Branestawm
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GCSE History (Reasons for the Cold War) Mind Map on Yalta Conference, Feb 1945, created by Prof. Branestawm on 04/08/2014.

Prof. Branestawm
Created by Prof. Branestawm over 5 years ago
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Yalta Conference, Feb 1945
1 Who Attended?
1.1 Stalin (Soviet Leader)
1.2 Roosevelt (US President
1.3 Churchill (GB PM)
2 What Agreed
2.1 Soviet union enter wat against Japan once Germany surrendered
2.2 Divide Germany into 4 zones: US,GB,FR & Soviet
2.3 Divide Berlin into 4 zones in the same way
2.4 Hunt down and try Nazi criminals in an international court of justice
2.5 Allow countries that have been liberated from occupation by German army to have free elections and choose their gov't.
2.6 Join United Nations Organisation to maintain peace once war ended,
2.7 Easter Europe - a Soviet 'sphere of influence'
3 Differences
3.1 How much Germany was to pay in reparations. Stalin wanted higher than Churchill/Roosevelt. Decision delayed for next conference.
3.2 POLAND - Stalin wanted the Polish/German border to be further to the West than the Western Allies. Stalin also wanted a 'friendly' Polsih gov't so the his country would have some protection from Germany. Western powers feared a Soviet-controlled government. They persuaded Stalingto allow free-elections in Poland

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