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1 summary of Prohibition
1.1 1920, the 18th Amendment was passed making the manufacture and sale of alcohol illegal
1.1.1 But many people continued to drink and gangsters made enormous amounts of money from supplying illegal liquor- Al- Capone
1.2 Why was it introduced?
1.2.1 National mood America entered war in 1917 the national mood also turned against drinking alcohol. The Anti-Saloon League argued that drinking alcohol was damaging American society
1.2.2 Practical The ban of alcohol would increase supplies of important grain such as Barley
1.2.3 Religous The consumption of alcohol went against Gods will
1.2.4 Moral many agreed that it was wrong for some Americans to enjoy alcohol while the country's young men were at war
1.3 In 1929, reports suggested Prohibition was not working. In February 1933, Congress passed the 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition.
1.3.1 Why did it fail? There was not enough Prohibition agents to inforce the law Lack of control of the smuggling of alcohol due to size of American boundaries Bribery The low salary of Prohibition agents made them easy to bribe Gangsters Such as Al-Capone made money from Organised crime
1.4 How did Prohibition lead to crime?
1.4.1 Public demand of illegal alcohol
1.4.2 Illegal drinking dens
1.4.3 Capone claimed that he was only a businessman, but between 1927 and 1930 more than 500 gangland murders took place
1.4.4 St Valentine's Day massacre 1929, Capone's men killed seven members of his rival Moran's gang Capone was nowhere to be seen, (on a beach in sunny florida so he wasn't 'involved')

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