Control in Nazi Germany

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Facts about Edelweiss Pirates, Propagranda, SA (Brownshirts), SS, the nuremburg laws, the Berlin Olympics and Kirstallnacht.Comment below If this helps you :)

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Control in Nazi Germany
1 Edelweiss Pirates
1.1 Youth group was against Nazis
2 Propaganda
2.1 Burnt Anti-nazi ideas books
2.2 Speeches
2.3 Reich Radio
3 SA
3.1 SA was led by Rohm
3.1.1 The Brownshirts
3.2 Help Hitler Gain power
3.3 Beat up People and terrorise people
4 SS
4.1 SS led by Himmler
4.1.1 Gestapo
4.1.2 Concentration Camp
4.2 Gestapo used and encourage informers
4.2.1 To get information about people And there view on Hitler and also the Nazis
5 The Nuremburg Laws
5.1 Ban Jew from Marrying Non-jewish partner
5.2 1935
6 The Berlin Olympics
6.1 1936
6.2 Less anti-jewish as lot of countries in Germany
7 Kirstallnacht
7.1 Smashed Jewish Business
7.2 9-10th November 1938
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