1 Henry VI: Personality

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1 Henry VI: Personality
1 Education
1.1 He had received the best tuition available at the time
1.1.1 From Richard Beauchamp, the Earl of Warwick
2 Governance
2.1 John Capgrave - reported that the naval + coastal security of the kingdom was neglected
3 Military leadership
3.1 The first English king never to command an army against a foreign army
3.2 Left the kingdom's military leadership in the hands of others
3.2.1 His uncles - Duke of Bedford + Duke of Gloucester
3.2.2 Duke of Somerset, Duke of Suffolk + Duke of York
3.2.3 Even his wife, Margaret of Anjou, showed a greater inclination towards military action
4 Advisers
4.1 According to Abbot John Whethamstede, Henry could 'not resist those who led him to unwise decisions'
4.1.1 Henry was a man of weak character, who relied too much on the advice of those around him Clearly not a good judge of character + those around him knew how to manipulate him Their manipulation of him became decisive when he began to suffer mental problems that eventually led to a temp lapse into insanity in 1453
4.2 According to John Blacman, Henry VI was a good man but a bad king who became a 'fool of God'
5 Assessments of Henry
5.1 Judgements of Henry in the 15th Cent would have been distorted by the propaganda of civil war + later opinions of Yorkists/Tudors
5.2 Polydore Vergil
5.2.1 Henry 'preferred peace before wars, quietness before troubles...there was not in this world a more pure, honest and more more holy creature' Henry was a very pious man However, he had not won the support of the Pope, Pius II
5.3 J. R. Lander
5.3.1 Wrote that, Henry had 'developed or degenerated into a man who could hardly have been worse equipped to meet the stresses' of governing a kingdom'

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