2 Henry VI: War

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2 Henry VI: War
1 The Hundred Years Wars
1.1 Had been costly
1.1.1 A massive drain on the crown's resources
1.1.2 Damaged the image + prestige of the crown
1.2 Henry was not a warrior - failure to lead his subjects in the war harmed his rep
1.2.1 Unfortunate that he was the son of a great warrior The pressure from that may have been part of the reason why he had a mental breakdown in 1453
2 The Treaty of Tours 1444
2.1 Henry's greatest achievement
2.2 It established a fragile peace with France
2.2.1 Lasted until 1449 (5 years long)
2.3 The Treaty marked the marriage between Henry and Margaret of Anjou (daughter of the French queen's sister)
2.3.1 The marriage was not popular Margaret was dowerless + as part of the Truce, Henry gave France the strategically vital territory of Maine
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