Mussolini's Policies

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Mussolini's Policies
  1. Economic Policies
    1. Battle of the Grain (1925)
      1. Improve agriculture, to ensure that foreign imports were no longer needed.
        1. To improve national pride. Main aim autarky.
        2. Farmers given grants on tractors and fertilizers to advance technology.
          1. Success
            1. Grain imports Reduced 75% between 1925-35
              1. Good for support for Mussolini.
            2. Failures
              1. Exports decreased dramatically due to the need for land for the farming of grain.
                1. Failed to address the North-South divide in Italy
                  1. Failed other agricultural productions, thouigh increased wheat and Mussolini's popularity.
                2. Corparate State (1926-1939)
                  1. Reforming the economy to avoid disputes with Capitalists in the future.
                    1. Would provide greater communicationbetween Employers and Employees, leading to more production.
                      1. Success
                        1. 19354, 22 corporations were set up, able to influence entire economy
                        2. Failures
                          1. Suppressed the issues regarding labour and capita
                            1. Dominated by Fascists rather than workers.
                              1. Major industrialists ignored corporations
                                1. Simply a 'window dressing' as it failed to meet all criteria.
                            2. Social and Domestic Policies
                              1. Women's Policies
                                1. Aims for women are to give birth, increase populations and provide soldies for army.
                                  1. Methods
                                    1. 1927, Battle for Births increased populations 50%-60% 1950
                                      1. Loans and Taxes to encourage child production.
                                        1. 12 Children per family encouraged
                                          1. Rewards for most children.
                                        2. Quota System 1933
                                          1. Reduce the number of women working to 10% in public centre, then companies to try and boost battle of births.
                                        3. Success
                                          1. None.
                                            1. Demands of economy greater than the idealologies Mussolini had.
                                          2. Failures
                                            1. Birth Rates declines until 1936, rising slowly after this.
                                              1. 1950 the population was only 47.5Mlln
                                              2. Women in the work place changed very little.
                                                1. Decline in 3% from 1921-1936 due to need for them.
                                          3. Youth and Education
                                            1. Aims for the young were to create supporters of a fascist reigime and produce aggressive, disciplined soldiers. Youth identified with fascism.
                                              1. 1929 loyalty of teachers enforced, oath of loyalty in 1937 with compulsory membership.
                                                1. Mussolini's picture in every classroom.
                                                  1. 1936 National text books changed to enforce national pride.
                                                    1. History text books spoke about Italy being key to Allies winning in WW1...
                                                  2. ONB 1926, form of control of the youth from 8-University Age.
                                                    1. Aimed at military and ideological training in sports and fitness.
                                                  3. Success
                                                    1. Success of the education students got at school, by 1937 7Mlln had joined OBN
                                                    2. Failures
                                                      1. Many left school at 11, private catholic schools held different curriculum.
                                                        1. ONB was not forced.
                                                        2. Many at University who had fascist education didn't agree with Mussolini's Ideals
                                                      2. Religion
                                                        1. Catholicism
                                                          1. Aims to compromise with the church, he was against religion and religious teachings
                                                            1. Catholicism was the Italian Religion. 1929 Lateran agreements ended conflich between the Church and Italy.
                                                          2. Anti-Semitism
                                                            1. Had supported Italian Jews, and let in German Jews who faced prosecution from Nazi Germany
                                                              1. 'have always behaved well as citizens and fought courageously as soldiers.'
                                                                1. Mid 1930's Began to take on board German Jewish Policies. However these were inconsistent and didn't involve extermination. (Go Mussolini?)
                                                                2. Success
                                                                  1. Moral backing of the church. Clerics didn't become political opposition.
                                                                  2. Failures
                                                                    1. Failed to replace Catholicism with Fascism.
                                                                      1. Relations terminated after the introduction of the anti-Semitic laws of 1938.
                                                                  3. Foreign Policies
                                                                    1. 1920's
                                                                      1. 1923 Corfu Incident
                                                                        1. 1924 The Pact Of Rome
                                                                          1. 1925 Locarno Treaty
                                                                          2. 1930's
                                                                            1. 1939 Pact of Steel
                                                                              1. 1938 Munich Conference
                                                                                1. 1936 Involvement in SCW
                                                                                  1. 1940 WW2 Heavy defeats in Africa
                                                                                    1. 1936 Rome-Berlin Axis
                                                                                      1. 1935 Abyssinia (now Ethiopia)
                                                                                        1. 1943 Mussolini forced to resign
                                                                                          1. 1945 Mussolini Assassinated
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