6 Henry VI: 'Under-Mighty Monarch'


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6 Henry VI: 'Under-Mighty Monarch'
  1. For the first 16 years of his reign Henry was a minor, thus did not have a say on what must be done
    1. When he reached his majority in 1437 he came under the influence of favourites such as Duke of Somerset + Duke of Suffolk
      1. The effective running of government remained in the hands of noble ministers
        1. Leading to tension + rivalry at court between powerful + ambitious nobles - which the king seemed unable to manage + control
    2. Unchecked political rivalry could turn into personal animosity
      1. In 1447 - Henry's uncle Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester was brought down by his rival at court, Somerset's uncle Cardinal Henry Beaufort - Henry did nothing to help his uncle, who died in mysterious circumstances before who could be tried for treason
      2. Henry seemed incapable of judging people + situations:
        1. He mistook Cardinal Beaufort's offer to lend substantial sums of money as friendship not means to control him
          1. By 1444 - He had lent the Crown various sums = in excess of £200,000 - only part of which had been repaid
          2. He misunderstood the seriousness of the rivalry between York + Somerset
            1. His failure to heal the rift + pacify the 2 warring dukes contributed to the outbreak of civil war
            2. He mishandled the war in France by resuming it in 1449 - resulted in the loss of Normandy + the fall of Suffolk (the Crown's chief adviser) who took some of the blame for the failure
            3. His wife Margaret was too a factor in promoting the impression of an 'under-mighty monarch'
              1. She was a formidable woman + her strong will + domineering personality made him appear even weaker + indecisive
                1. As the marriage went on such came to exercise a greater degree of influence over her husband
                  1. Some nobles (like York + Norfolk) resented her meddling in affairs of state + her close relationship + promotion of in 1448 (partly a rewarded for arranging her marriage)
                  2. Due to her increasing influence at court, Henry sought advice from an ever-decreasing circle of nobles
                    1. The excluded became increasingly resentful, but she brushed them aside
                      1. Her political skill came to the fore during Henry's mental incapacity
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