7 Henry VI: 'Over-Mighty Subjects'

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7 Henry VI: 'Over-Mighty Subjects'
1 It can be argued that Richard, Duke of York comes very close to defining an 'over-mighty subject'
1.1 He was a blood relation to the royal family (a descendent of King Edward III) + an owner of vast, landed estate that stretched across England + English-owned parts of France
1.1.1 He seemed to be everything Henry was not: A capable politician A warrior of distinction A father of healthy sons
1.2 His strength of personality matched his ambition
1.2.1 Which by the 1450s was to embrace the crown of England
2 York was not alone in aspiring even greater land, wealth + power: these aims were shared by almost all nobles
2.1 Where they differed - his over-reaching ambition
3 Somerset, Suffolk + Gloucester too were 'over-mighty subjects' - but they only wanted to control the crown
4 The outbreak of the Wars of the Roses showed that Henry was no longer in control of his nobility + in turn they had allowed that political rivalry to spill over into armed conflict
4.1 This suggests - the Wars of the Roses was as much a war between nobles as one between the monarchy and the nobles
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