Additional Physics Forces and Motion

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Created by crazytomguy over 5 years ago
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Additional Physics Forces and Motion
1 Distance time graphs
1.1 Shows the journey of an object
1.2 If the line is horizontal then the object is at a steady speed
1.3 steeper the slope the faster the faster the object is traveling
1.3.1 The more slanted slope means the object is moving slower
1.4 If the object returns back to zero it means it ha arrived back at the staring point.
2 Velocity time graphs
2.1 Vertical axis is Velocity and the horizontal axis is time
2.2 The steeper the slope means greater acceleration/deceleration.
2.3 If the line is horizontal it means the object s travelling at a constant velocity
2.3.1 It does NOT mean that the object is stationary.
2.4 If the object returns to zero it means the velocity is at zero witch means that the object is not moving
3 Speed = Distance divided by Time
4 Acceleration is the change in velocity over a given time

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