Causes of the black death

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History- Medicine through time key figures
1. Prehistoric Medicine
Evangeline Taylor
2. Egyptain Medicine
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Animal Farm Chapter Overview
AS Media Studies Terminology
History- Medicine through time key figures
Main People in Medicine Through Time
Holly Bamford
Medicine Through Time
Molly Jones
5. The Middle Ages Medicine
Evangeline Taylor
7. 19th Century Medicine
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Causes of the black death
1 Miasma
2 Ships coming to europe from other parts of the world
3 How it spread
3.1 Black rats
3.2 Fleas
3.3 Human contact
3.4 It still remains a mystery
3.5 How people thought it spread
3.5.1 Jews poisoning wells
3.5.2 Human contact
3.5.3 Cures attempted Burning jews to death Purifying the air with fires/sweet smelling herbs
3.5.4 The effects (on ppl towns and europe) Nearly half of europe dead Fear Chaos Panic Labourers wanting higher wages, cheaper rent Lots of empty land/ houses Suffering lords and ladies Took 20 million lives in 1350 Caused the world to move on After the plague, life was better for the labourers not the land owners

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