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  1. Sport initiatives
    1. Sport England
      1. Create a community sports system
      2. Government initiatives
        1. Increase the numbers and skill level of those participating in their sport.
        2. Youth Sports
          1. Create a PE and sport system that engages all young people.
        3. Reasons for participating in physical activity
          1. Social
            1. Mental
              1. Physical
              2. Life Style Choices
                1. Key influences on taking part
                  1. Opportunities for taking part
                    1. Availability
                      1. If its difficult to get a venue then it is less likely that you are gong to be able to participate in that activity.
                      2. Location
                        1. An activity needs to be in a place where it is easily accessible.
                        2. Access
                          1. There may be barries which means that you can access a venue or activity, eg/ age, disabilities and cost.
                          2. Time
                            1. You need to have the time to be able to do the activity - it doesn't clash with another commitment
                          3. The Sports Pyramid
                            1. Elite
                              1. This is when the person has achieved a really high standard and has worked hard to get there. They are competing at a national level. They have specialist training.
                              2. Performance
                                1. This is when the person has some specialist training and is looking to be advanced. They are not yet competing at national level, instead district or county.
                                2. Participation
                                  1. This is when the sportsman join a club and get some coaching, they are often encouraged through socialisation
                                  2. Foundation
                                    1. When the people are introduced to the sport and taught the basics. This is often done in schools.
                                  3. Definitions
                                    1. Health
                                      1. When you are rid of disease and you have a good mental psychology and a good social life.
                                      2. Fitness
                                        1. Being fit it so have a good body figure and having good muscular capability. It also means being ale to deliver good performances in sports.
                                        2. Exercise
                                          1. A form of physical activity that maintains or improves health and/or physical fitness
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