Consolidation of power

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Consolidation of power
1 Problems facing Lenin after Oct. Rev.
1.1 Still at war with Germany and Austria-Hungary.
1.1.1 Occupying forces controlled most of western Russia.
1.2 Peasants seized land, industruial production fell, unemplyment and inflation rising.
1.3 Bolsheviks did not have mass support across the country.
1.3.1 Lenin too vulnerable to cancel elections for Constituent Assembly (Bol. only had 1/4).
2 Forming a Government
2.1 No experience of governing and administration.
2.1.1 Gov. officals went on strike and state bank refused to release any funds to new Gov.
2.2 Create a Gov. free from control of All-Russian Soviet.
2.2.1 Soviet pass 3 decrees first; 1. Land - confiscate all private land and give to the peasants. 2. Peace - steps to end war. 3. Organisation with the new gov.
2.3 Close down newspapers which were critical of the Bolsheviks.
3 Ending a war
3.1 No choice - deeply unpopular and factor in fall of PG.
3.1.1 Needed military for internal enemies.
3.2 Ceasefire - Dec. 1917.
3.2.1 22nd Dec. Bolshevik peace delegation.
3.3 Germany had severe demands - take 1/3 of Russia population = 1/3 of agricultre.
3.3.1 7/8 Jan - continure negotiations. 27th Jan - Trotsky signed peace traty with Ukraine. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - offical end of war with Germany. Forced to pay high price in loss of territory and economic wealth - Bolshevik gov actually annulled treaty.
4 Constituent Assembly
4.1 Promised by PG after feb. rev.
4.1.1 SR took most seats - Lenins concern was how to prevent Assembly from changing new Bolshevik rule.
4.2 1st = Feb. 5th 1918 - armed troops and red guards dispersed.
4.2.1 End of any democracy under Lenin - start of communism.
4.3 Bol. successful due to opposition divided about what to do.
4.3.1 SR split into two factions. Left-wing = support Bolsheviks
4.3.2 Mensheviks divided - only come back together when Lenin firmly in control.

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