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A-Level History (Witches) Mind Map on Cologne, created by Katie Eaton on 01/26/2017.

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  1. Responses of Authority
    1. Duchy of Westphalia, subject to Prince-Elector Ferdinand, Archbishop of Cologne (reigned 1612-50)
      1. Around 2000 people were burned for witchcraft between 1626-1634
        1. Ferdinand had been educated in Trier during the witch-hunt of the 1590s
          1. First 15 years of his rule there were few witchcraft prosecutions
            1. Only after the persecution of witches had gathered momentum at local level did Ferdinand intervene, appointing witch-commissioners to establish control over the situation
              1. Commissioners soon got out of control, implementing their own policies and terrorising whole regions
          2. Social and Economic
            1. Series of devastating crop failures led to the Cologne witch-hunts
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