Egyptian Medicine

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GCSE OCR History Medicine Through Time

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Egyptian Medicine
1 Wealth
1.1 Rulers were wealthy
1.2 The rich could employ 'doctors' to look after them
1.3 Skilled craftsmen were employed by the rich to make fine jewellry and doctors instruments
2 Writing
2.1 They made paper from papyrus reeds
2.2 Doctors could record symptoms and treatments to help them treat future patients
2.3 Treatments and remedies could be written down
3 Trade
3.1 Ships could travel long distances around the Mediterranean
3.2 Ships from India, China and parts of Africa- bought new plants/ remedies with them
4 Farming
4.1 Farms along the Nile had irrigation ditches, which if blocked led to poor harvests
4.1.1 This led to doctors believing that the body had channels
4.2 Many herbs were recommended so a wide range was grown
4.3 The flooding of the Nile every year left the ground fertile
5 Religion
5.1 There was belief in life after death, so bodies were embalmed to preserve them
5.1.1 This enabled the Egyptians to gain a basic knowledge of anatomy
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