How and why do populations change naturally?


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How and why do populations change naturally?
  1. Demographic transition model
    1. Population pyramids models
      1. Stage 1: Afghanistan
        1. Birth rate stays equal /w slight increase
          1. No birth control
            1. High infant mortality
              1. Children needed to work
              2. Death rate fluctuates
                1. Diseases
                  1. Poor hygiene
                    1. No/little health care
                      1. Famine/ malnutrition
                        1. War/ terrorism
                        2. Total population fluctuates
                        3. Stage 2: Bangladesh
                          1. Birth rates begin to slightly drop
                            1. Death rates dramatically decreased
                              1. Slightly better housing
                                1. Slightly better food/ water
                                  1. Modest healthcare
                                    1. Lower infant mortality
                                  2. Stage 3: Mexicio
                                    1. Birth rate drops
                                      1. Birth control
                                        1. Lower infant mortality
                                          1. Desire for smaller families
                                          2. Death rates continue to decrease
                                            1. Total population rises
                                            2. Stage 4: UK
                                              1. Birth rate reaches a low point and fluctuates
                                                1. Death rate levels off
                                                  1. Improved medical care (NHS)
                                                    1. Good quality housing
                                                      1. Easy access to food/ water
                                                        1. High wealth compared to LEDCs
                                                    2. Stage 5: Japan
                                                      1. Decreasing birth rate
                                                        1. Change in culture - desire smaller families
                                                        2. Level death rates
                                                          1. Medication becomes advanced
                                                            1. Natural deaths cause a level but low death rate
                                                          2. Total population decreases
                                                            1. As population hits a high resources cannot be shared equally
                                                              1. Total population must decrease to survive sustainably
                                                                1. Out-migration
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