The spirals of village growth or decline

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The spirals of village growth or decline
1 Village decline
1.1 Young people move out.. Why?
1.1.1 Lack of jobs
1.1.2 Lack of social/ entertainment
1.1.3 Lack of affordable housing Bought by second home owners
1.1.4 Opportunities elsewhere
1.1.5 Ageing population Fewer children in village Primary school closure Remaining children have to travel out to another school
2 Village growth
2.1 Large increase in commuters, immigrants and retired people
2.1.1 Counter-urbanisation
2.1.2 Population increases Pressure on services such as schools and health Creation of new 'small' housing estates - often houses locals cannot afford Little impact made on village services New people don't use village services
2.2 Increased traffic congestion
2.2.1 Families have 2 or 3 cars
2.3 Many people don't contribute to aspects of village life
2.4 Conflict between newcomers and long term residents - NIMBY
3 Measures to alleviate rural disadvantage
3.1 Isolation/ public transport
3.1.1 Subsidised public buses
3.1.2 Ring and ride
3.1.3 Allow locals to use the school buses
3.1.4 Car share schemes
3.1.5 Community car scheme
3.2 Lack of affordable housing
3.2.1 Planning permission granted under certain circumstances
3.2.2 Deterants put in place to stop second home owners
3.3 Shop closures
3.3.1 Due to big supermarkets taking customers Example: Sainsbury's assisting village enterprise scheme Village shops can stock Sainsbury's products
3.4 Services: Libraries, banking, recycling
3.4.1 Mobile services
3.4.2 Online banking The young are most likely to benefit
3.4.3 Online books
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