What are the distinctive features of settlements?


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What are the distinctive features of settlements?
  1. Settlement hierarchy
    1. Hamlet
      1. Village
        1. Town
          1. City
            1. Connurbation
              1. Mega-city
                1. Global hub
                  1. London
                    1. Tokyo
                      1. New York
                    2. Areas where cities have merged
                      1. Leeds
                2. Few basic services
                  1. Maybe a small shop
                  2. No services, most numerous
                3. Criteria to distinguish rural and urban
                  1. Number of people/ population threshold
                    1. Employment structure
                      1. Primary sector
                        1. Agriculture
                          1. Mining
                          2. Secondary sector
                            1. Manufacturing
                              1. Factories
                              2. Tertiary sector
                                1. Services e.g. Nursing, hairdressers
                                2. Quarternary sector
                                  1. High tech
                                    1. Research and development
                                      1. Laboratories
                                      2. Reflects on the rurality/ urban level of a settlement
                                      3. Population density
                                        1. High density = urban
                                          1. Low density = rural
                                          2. Extent of built up area
                                            1. Sphere of influence
                                              1. How far people will travel to access the services a settlement has to offer
                                            2. Rural idyll
                                              1. How the rural area is perceived
                                                1. Quiet
                                                  1. Green hills
                                                    1. Birds singing
                                                      1. Thatched cottages
                                                        1. Old houses
                                                          1. Tight-knit communities
                                                            1. Very low levels of crime
                                                              1. No cars
                                                              2. Groups of people living in rural areas
                                                                1. Elderly community/ retired
                                                                  1. A peaceful place to settle down
                                                                  2. Farmers + landowners
                                                                    1. Open spaces of land to grow crops and livestock
                                                                    2. Commuters/ newcomers
                                                                      1. Escape to countryside
                                                                      2. Young families
                                                                        1. Safe place to bring up children
                                                                          1. Better quality of life
                                                                          2. Established residents
                                                                            1. Sense of community
                                                                            2. Second home owners
                                                                              1. Holiday experience
                                                                          3. Issues for local residents of rural settlements
                                                                            1. Second home owners disturbing peace - tourists
                                                                              1. Council housing development
                                                                                1. Anti-social development
                                                                                  1. Council budget not stretching for enough e.g. not enough grit
                                                                                    1. Isolation factors - services take a long time
                                                                                      1. Closure of post offices
                                                                                        1. Lack of public transport
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