Weaknesses of the Italian political system 1870-1915

Eva Clifton
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A Levels History (Fascist Italy 1915-1945) Mind Map on Weaknesses of the Italian political system 1870-1915, created by Eva Clifton on 04/13/2014.

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Weaknesses of the Italian political system 1870-1915
1 lack of Italian Identity
1.1 dialect variations
1.2 lack of railways and roads
1.3 no united education system
2 The Catholic Church
2.1 Liberalism is a 'sin'
2.2 Catholics were instructed not to vote - until threat of Socialism
2.3 The Pope denounced the Liberal State
3 Italian Economy
3.1 Steel production - less than other countries
3.2 lack of railways
3.3 North-South divide - made worse by Northern industrialization
3.4 high taxes on the poor
3.5 high national debt
4 Liberal political system
4.1 based on British system
4.2 no set political parties - hard for people within the same party to agree
4.3 Transformismo - weak coalitions were formed, quite unstable
4.4 Poor weren't allowed to vote until 1912 - Universal Male Suffrage
5 Challenges to the Liberals
5.1 no set parties = more difficult for the Liberals to dominate politics
5.2 1896 defeat at Adowa - made the Liberals look weak
5.3 Socialists - viewed regime as a capitalist exploitation
5.4 Pope - condemned the Liberals
5.5 Nationalists - viewed the Liberals as weak
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