The Causes of the Munich Putsch.


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The Causes of the Munich Putsch.
  1. Stressemen calls off the resistance.
    1. in september 1923, stressemen called off the general strike on the Ruhr. it made every german angry with the goverment.
    2. Nazi party growing.
      1. In the crisis of 1923 the membership of the nazi party grew from 6,000 to 55,000.
        1. Hitler became friends with General Luderdoff , he hoped that the army would follow him into a putsch.
        2. The stormtroopers grew quickly and wanted a revolution.
          1. In October 1923, an SA leader told Hitler that if there wasn't a rebellion soon then the SA would disappear.
          2. Mussolini's Example.
            1. In 1922 , mussolini seized control of Italy by marching on Rome.
              1. Hitler hoped to copy this.
            2. The Kapp Putsch
              1. A rebellion in Munich.
                1. Where wolfgang Kapp took control of the Friekorps and made them rebel.
                  1. Putsch: A rebellion or uprising to overthrow the goverment.
                  2. The SA: Stormtroopers.
                    1. High Treason: Plotting against the government.
                    2. Key terms!
                      1. Occupying the beer hall -

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