The Causes of the Munich Putsch.

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The Causes of the Munich Putsch.
1 Stressemen calls off the resistance.
1.1 in september 1923, stressemen called off the general strike on the Ruhr. it made every german angry with the goverment.
2 Nazi party growing.
2.1 In the crisis of 1923 the membership of the nazi party grew from 6,000 to 55,000.
2.2 Hitler became friends with General Luderdoff , he hoped that the army would follow him into a putsch.
3 The stormtroopers grew quickly and wanted a revolution.
3.1 In October 1923, an SA leader told Hitler that if there wasn't a rebellion soon then the SA would disappear.
4 Mussolini's Example.
4.1 In 1922 , mussolini seized control of Italy by marching on Rome.
4.1.1 Hitler hoped to copy this.
5 The Kapp Putsch
5.1 A rebellion in Munich.
5.2 Where wolfgang Kapp took control of the Friekorps and made them rebel.
5.3 Putsch: A rebellion or uprising to overthrow the goverment.
6 The SA: Stormtroopers.
6.1 High Treason: Plotting against the government.
7 Key terms!
8 Occupying the beer hall -

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