Mussolini's rise to Power 1921-1922

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A Levels History (Fascist Italy 1915-1945) Mind Map on Mussolini's rise to Power 1921-1922, created by Eva Clifton on 04/13/2014.

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Mussolini's rise to Power 1921-1922
1 1920-21 - Liberals form an alliance with Fascists - to try and calm Mussolini down
1.1 1921 election - Fascists won 7% of the seats
1.2 Liberals couldn't bring together the Socialists (123 seats) and Catholics (107 seats)
2 Socialist strike July 1922
2.1 stopped by Fascists NOT Liberals
3 The March on Rome 27th-29th October 1922
3.1 Mussolini's plan: 30,000 Fascist supporters go to Rome, seize key buildings
3.2 King Victor Emmanuel III feared civil war - didn't want a clash between the Fascists and Italian Army
3.2.1 Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister - 29th October 1922
3.3 refers to celebration march NOT threat of Fascist takeover
4 de Facta resigns, but stays on if martial law is used
4.1 King is worried about being deposed - he agrees to martial law (army involvement) but changes his mind 8 hours later
4.1.1 de Facta's government resigned - King offered ex-PM (Salandra) position Salandra fails as PM, therefore King offers it to Mussolini
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