Roaring 20s

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Roaring 20s
1 Ford Production line in 1913
1.1 Henry Ford built this first motor car in 1896
1.2 Founded Ford Motor company in 1903
1.3 By 1909 was producing model T
1.4 1914 was the beginning of the use of moving assembly line
1.5 1911 - using moving assemble line car would be produced every 93 minutes.
1.5.1 1 million Model T Fords produced in a year
2 Cinema
2.1 Silent Movies Talkies
2.2 Movie
2.2.1 Charlie Chaplin
2.2.2 Creation of Hollywood Warner Bro
2.2.3 Rudolf - Valentino
3 Jazz
3.1 1927 the Jazz Singer
3.2 Jazz singer Louis Armstrong from Slavery
4 Flappers
4.1 Sex Alcohol Make up Smoking Short skirts Bob Cut Clara Bow
4.2 Upper Class Girls
5 Prohibition
5.1 Alcohol was made illegal by Law in the 1920s USA
5.2 Bootleggers made large amounts of money smuggling alcohol into the USA
5.3 Illegal brewing of alcohol (Moonshine)
5.4 Homemade alcohol was poisonous
5.5 Speakeasies (illegal bars) sold beer and other drink
5.6 End of Prohibition
5.6.1 After the Wall Street crash and with high unemployment and much misery, it was easier to argue for the end of prohibition. One effect of ending prohibition would be the creation of legal jobs.
6 Crime
6.1 Gangs of crimes began to run bootlegging schemes and other forms of crime (gambling, drugs, prostitution) like a business
6.2 St Valentine's Day Massacre 1929
6.2.1 Al Capone (Scarface) Sold alcohol became a big business and gangsters operating. He gained control of Chicago by bribbing local officials politicians and the police. Employed 1,000 men 277 murders in 4 years no arrests
6.2.2 Valentine's Day in 1929 was one of the bloodiest days in mob history when 7 men were gunned down in Chicago. Al "Scarface" Capone rose to power after a rival gang was in shambles as a result of the killings. Police men entered Capone's Garage but they were Capone's men dressed up but killed Bugs Moran Gang but did not kill irish gangster George “Bugs” Moran, one of Capone’s longtime enemies.
7 Sports
7.1 Baseball
7.1.1 Babe Ruth
8 Isolationism
8.1 1917 USA entered WW1
8.1.1 Big three David Lloyd George Georges Clemençeau Woodrow Wilson 14 Point Plan (Woodrow Wilson) Woodrow Wilson asked USA to be apart LON - public didn't want to America wanted to be away 100,000 soldiers lost to the war 'Melting Pot' - USA was full of different nationalities Warren Harding (President) Promised to turn USA back to normal
9 The Boom
9.1 Immigrant, Blacks and Farmers werent effected by the boom
9.2 Taxes were reduced so that business people would invest in factories
9.3 Advertising - People had to be told about the new goods. The method of shopping by ordering from catalogues developed
9.4 America had plenty of core goods e.g. coal and oil
9.5 Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act - A toll was imposed on imports. This was a way of persuading people to buy goods from America
9.6 Laissez-Faire - The Republican Presidents believed in giving the economy freedom to develop itself
9.7 Effect of the WW1 - America was in a strong position after the war compared to European countrie. America had pleanty of money to invest
9.8 Mass Production - Henry Ford developed a new form of production. He produced the same type of goods on a large scale. This meant that the prices of the goods fell
9.9 Technological Development- In order to mass- produce, the production line system had to be used. The line was a means of creating goods more quickly
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