The establishment of Royal Supremacy

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The establishment of Royal Supremacy
  1. The King's Great Matter
    1. Catherine of argaon failure to provide Henry with a male heir worried him
      1. Henry chose to believe that becuase he had married his brother's widow, that the married was cursed
        1. He had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, which conviced him to seek an annument to marriage
          1. Anne was 15 years younger than Catherine and was likely to provide Henry with an heir
          2. The kind's great matter came to domiante England's domestic and diplomatic agenda from 1527 unitl 1534
            1. Pope had the power to annul the marriage but Clement VII was relcutant to do so
              1. 1) Catherine Of Aragon spirtied oppostion
                1. Catherine was advicsed and supported by respected scholars such as Bishop John Fisher of Rochester
                2. 2)International pressure brought to bear by Catherine's nephew Chalres V
                  1. as king of Spain and Holy Roman Empire , Charles was the most powerful man in Europe
                    1. His decision to support his aunt and oppose the annulmetn however was due less to family loyalty and more to polictial
                    2. 3) his predecessor's speical dispensation to allow Henry and Catherine to marry
                      1. by granting the annulment Pope Clement VI would have been questioning the validity of dispensation
                      2. Strong Opposition, Cardinal Wolsey unwisely promised Henry that could persuade the Pope to issue a papal Bull to annul the marriage
                        1. Pope Clement did all he could to slow Wosley's progress
                        2. After two years the pope agreed to hold a legatine court in england to judge the mertis of henry's case for annulment
                          1. Cardinal Campeggio was appointed to conduct the court at Blackfrairs in 1529
                            1. The failure of the lgatine court to come to a deciison led to a stalemate and Wolsey's downfall
                            2. The Royal Supremacy
                              1. The next three years, pressure was brought to bear on the pope
                                1. Besides obtaining support from some influential european universties
                                  1. Cranmer also drew up wth collectanea satis copisa
                                    1. which made the theological case for the leglity of the annulment
                                      1. The english clergy were browbeatn into submission
                                        1. In 1531, they were charged with preamunire and forced to pay a huge fne of £100,000 to escape punishemtn
                                          1. The supplication against the ordinaries 1532 accused bishops of abusing their power
                                            1. The king's great matter began to make substantial porgress under Cromwell's leadership
                                              1. Series of laws passed throught the reformation parliament between 1533&1534,
                                                1. Cromwell loosened the ties between england and rome
                                                  1. The act in Restraint of annates and restraint of appeals broke rome 's financial and legal powers in england
                                                    1. In 1534, the break with rome was completed when the act of suppremacy was passed
                                                      1. The pope denied the pope's titles and status and instead recongised Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Chruch In England
                                                        1. The establishment of the royal supremacy enabled Henry to govern the church as he saw it fit
                                                          1. It led to some changes in the doctrine and to the dissolition of monasteires
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