1906 Election

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Factors affecting the Liberal Landslide Victory in the 1906 election.

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1906 Election
1 Boer War
1.1 Concentration camps were used against the Dutch Boers leading to 28,000 deaths
1.2 Highlighted poor national efficiency
1.2.1 Only 30% volunteers fit for service Due to malnutrition as children
1.3 Voted against the conservatives due to the immoral methods used against the Boers
1.4 Lost votes from people who were embarrassed by the length of the war
1.5 Caused split amongst Liberals
2 Balfour's Premiership
2.1 Became PM due to Nepotism (Nephew of Lord Sailsbury)
2.2 Too intelligent & philosophical
2.3 Aloof- Upper class with no links to the working class
2.3.1 Alienated the working class, directing them to Liberal
2.4 Couldn't sell his good ideas E.g. Education & Licensing Act
2.4.1 Could have won the Conservatives votes
2.5 Indecisive- Free trade or taxes?
2.5.1 Voters became unsure so voted Liberal
3 Tariff Reform
3.1 Conservatives held an imperial preference (to develop the empire)
3.1.1 Economic competition with USA & Germany
3.2 Taxes on non-empire imports
3.2.1 60% food imported resulting in increased prices Working class voted for free trade (Liberal)
3.2.2 Untied Liberals but split the conservatives
3.2.3 Farmers & manufactures voted conservative
3.3 Balfour was indecisive
3.3.1 People voted against the conservatives due to not knowing their polices
3.4 Joseph Chamberlain wanted to use money from taxes to develop social reforms
3.4.1 If promoted correctly could have won votes
4 1902 Education Act
4.1 Passed by Unionist Govt.
4.1.1 Increase National Efficiency
4.2 Abolished old school boards. LEAs became responsible for elementary & secondary education.
4.2.1 1905- 94,000 1914- 200,000
4.3 Non-Conformists voted Liberal to prevent strengthening of Anglican Church
4.4 Showed Balfour was insensitive to public perception
4.5 State now paid teachers. Church provided buildings.
4.5.1 State supporting religious groups
4.6 Allowed Liberals to heal the split that had occurred as a result of the Boer War
5 1904 Licensing Act
5.1 Reduced the number of public houses
5.2 Gave compensation
5.2.1 Non-conformists voted Liberal. Alcohol causes social evils such as poverty & domestic violence so should not be compensated.
6 Chinese Slavery
6.1 Men were brought over from China to help rebuild South Africa's Economy
6.2 Were treated like slaves - had to pay for transport to South Africa & then lived in poor conditions
6.2.1 Although not Balfour's idea portrayed Conservatives supporting slavery Workers voted Labour to protect themselves
6.2.2 People voted Liberal for moral & religious reasons
7 Taff Vale Case
7.1 1. Rail way company wanted to reduce wages 2. Workers go on strike. 3.Company sues the trade union for £23,000 of lost profits 4. Judge forces trade union to pay.
7.1.1 Trade unions can't strike/ fear striking
7.1.2 Reduces protection of workers Workers vote Liberal due to Conservatives failing to pass a law to protect them
8 Modern Election Techniques
8.1 Liberal propaganda proved effective.
8.1.1 Poster used to demonstrate policies Big Loaf, Little Loaf Campaign (Tariff Reform)
8.1.2 Canvassing
9 LIb Lab Pact 1903
9.1 Secret pact. Labour & Liberals agreed to not have candidates stand for seats where one had a better chance of winning.
9.2 Allowed Liberals to win marginal seats
9.3 Labour gained seats
9.3.1 1900-2 Seats 1906-29 Seats
10 1905 Aliens Act
10.1 Followed a 1903 Royal Commission on Alien Immigration
10.1.1 As a result of 200,000 Eastern European Jewish refugees who came during the 1890s
10.2 Immigraants had to arrive at designated ports. Pay £5 and £2 for their dependents. Be examined and demonstrate they could earn a living.
10.3 Lost Conservatives votes from ethnic minorites

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