Global warming

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Created by 11bentleypatrick over 5 years ago
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Global warming
1 Deforestation
1.1 Deforestation affects global warming because trees absorbs carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming but the less trees the more global warming because of carbon dioxide
1.1.1 trees
1.1.2 plants
1.1.3 the environment is mostly affected by deforestation because it includes lots of plants
2 Fossil Fuels
2.1 coal
2.2 oil
2.3 natural gas
2.4 fossil fuels must be burned to get the energy out of them and when the fosil fuels are burned the pollution released usually contains carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming
3 Mining/power stations
3.1 Mining and power stations cause a lot of global warming because they produce so much pollution which contributes to global warming. They produce carbon and sulphur dioxide
3.1.1 coal is the most common power station which makes it the biggest contributor to global warming of the 3 fossil fuels
3.1.2 natural gas
3.1.3 oil can be burned but also affect global warming
4 Pollution
4.1 The release of pollution from places such as car exhausts which creates more carbon dioxide in the air which contributes to global warming
4.2 carbon dioxide
4.3 sulphur dioxide

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