Creation of the USSR - 1922

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Creation of the USSR - 1922
1 Creation of the USSR
1.1 29th Dec 1922 - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans
1.1.1 Contained aspiration of worldwide revolution.
1.1.2 Solution of creating a multi-national communist state. Each republic possess its own government, as part of a federal structure. Individual republics send representatives to a Congress of Republics which consisted of Congress of Soviets and national parliament of the USSR.
2 Lenin's dictatorship
2.1 Political power firmly in hands of Communist party.
2.1.1 From 1921 - no other political parties allowed in USSR.
2.1.2 Only communists could stand for the Soviets.
2.2 Most senior committee - Council of people's commissars
2.2.1 Main policy making body - Politburo (senior committe of commuist party).
2.3 Lenin possessed complete control over the communists - propaganda = father of nation.
2.3.1 Control of the media - Only communist newspapers. Terror police (cheka) 1922 - dissolved to be replaced by State Political Administration) Sept 1918 - Gulag system of labour camps = contain opponent regime.
2.3.2 Created worlds first totalitarian dictatorship.

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