1.2 Cell Structure and Organisation

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Created by amyroskilly over 5 years ago
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1.2 Cell Structure and Organisation
1 Cell Organisation
1.1 Two different types of cells
1.1.1 Prokaryotic Cells Found in bacteria and blue-green algae No membrane-bound organelles DNA lies free in the Cytoplasm No nuclear membrane or ER Ribosomes are smaller Cell wall containing murein
1.1.2 Eukaryotic Cells Found in plants, animals, fungi and protoctists Membrane-bound organelles DNA located on Chromosomes Distinct membrane-bound nucleus Ribosomes are larger Cell wall in plants made of cellulose
1.2 Viruses
1.2.1 causes a variety of infectious diseases in humans, animals and plants
1.2.2 They are extreamely small
1.2.3 can be called a 'non-cell' no cytoplasm no organelles no chromosomes
1.2.4 Outside a living cell a virus exists as an invert 'viron'
1.2.5 Made up of two comonents Nucleic acids protein coat
2 Cell Structure
2.1 Cytoplasm
2.1.1 highly organised
2.1.2 consisting of a soluble ground substance called cytosol
2.2 Nucleus
2.2.1 controls the cell's activities
2.2.2 contains chromosimes
2.3 nuclear envelope
2.3.1 double membrane around the nucleus
2.3.2 has pores in it to allow transport of mRNA
2.4 nucleoplasm
2.4.1 the cytoplasm type substance in the nucleus
2.4.2 contains chromatin DNA bound to protein
2.5 Nucleolus
2.5.1 Manufactures RNA which is needed to make ribosomes
2.6 Mitochondrion
2.6.1 Sites of ATP Synthesis
2.7 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
2.7.1 Rough ribosomes on the outer surface transporting proteins made by the ribosomes
2.7.2 Smooth membrane with a lack of ribosomes Concerned with they synthesis and transport of lipids
2.8 ribosomes
2.8.1 protein synthesis
2.9 Golgi Body
2.9.1 produces secretory enzymes
2.9.2 secreting carbohydrated
2.9.3 Producing glycoprotein
2.9.4 Transporting and storing lipids
2.9.5 Forming lysosomes
2.10 Lysosomes
2.10.1 contain and isolate digestive enzymes
2.11 Centrioles
2.11.1 during cell division they divide and go to the poles
2.11.2 synthesise the microtubules of the spindle
2.12 Chloroplasts
2.12.1 found in cells of photosynthrsising tissue
2.12.2 sites of photosynthesis
2.13 Vacuole

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