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NUTRITION 1 HISTORY - NATUROPATHY Mind Map on INTRO NATUROPATHY, created by Anita Nayar on 02/13/2017.

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    1. Drugs, surgery, trained medics, invasive
      1. APPROACH - Treat disease, symptoms; Health = no disease; Treatment - infection - kill foreign agent; Coronary heart disease - remove plaque, surgery Diabetes - high blood glucose, insulin resistance - drugs to reduce resistance, ignore side effects wt gain, Inc cholesterol, Tri Gly
        1. APPROACH - Examine diet, physical activity, lifestyle Diabetes II - diet to reduce saturated fat, lower sugar levels, excercise, reduce stress levels Coronary Heart Disease - address diet, exercise, other root causes, consider nutrient / medication interactions
          1. Qi cures, person not disease, health is return to Qi
            1. Primum no nocere, treat safely know red flags
              1. Tools - Emotional Bach, Homeo, kinesiology Bio Chem - Nutrition, herbs, tissue salts Structural - Massage, osteo, chrio, stretching
                1. Hering's law Top to bottom headache, sore throat, cough; Inside outwards acne, bowel, Most imp to least liver, boils; Cure reverse order of symptoms
                2. Basics - Food in natural state best for vitality, Hippocrates - food be medicine and vice versa, after air, food and drink imp for health.
                  1. HISTORY Sebastien Kneipp - Hydrotheraphy 1821-97 Benedict Lust - First CNM - Nutritional therapy, diet, herbs, Homeopathy, Exercise, hydrotherapy, stress reduction ; change habits John Bartyr - 1912-95 documented Naturopathy successes, with scientific methods, led to intergrative medicine
                    1. EASTERN - Asian Pacific Buddihism, Taosim, Hinduism Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan Medicine Holistic view
                      1. Philosophies, culture, values Balance between all elements vital to health; illness more of imbalance of patterns that should normally be in natural harmony
                        1. CHINESE 5 elements Fire, Air, Water, Wood Metal Humour: Yin and Yang Yin - cool, fresh veg, fruits, sweet Yang - hot, spices, warm, meat, sour, salty
                          1. AYURVEDA - 4 elements Fire, Air, Water, Ether 3 Doshas - Vatta - movement, dryness, cold, light Pitta - body heat, hot, light, anger hate; Kapha - structure, lubrication, stability, oil, cold, forgiveness
                            1. VATA - eyelids, muscles, pulsations, contractions, feelings, anxiety, pain - seat colon
                              1. PITA - digestion, absorption, nutrition, metab, lustre eyes - anger, hate - seat SI, stomach
                                1. Good Food - cool/warm, bitter, sweet, astringent; less fats; heavy texture, cool foods, salads; Bad - salt, oil, spices, fried
                                2. KAPHA - structure, body's resistance, lubricates joints, skin moisture, spaces in body - greed attachment, envy seat - chest
                                  1. Good food - warm light, less water, dry, less fats, pungent, bitter astringent, steamed, raw veg, fruits Bad - too much sweet, salt, fats, fried
                                  2. Good food - warm, mod dense texture, fats,, salt, sour, sweet, soups, creams Bad - salads, cold food
                            2. WESTERN - Greco - Roman Independent from religion Scientific thought - Plato, Aristotle, Socrates Reductinist view
                              1. Reductionism, separates science from religion, science based truth Separation - body, mind, doctor patient, healthy diseased Disease - specific pathology
                                1. GREEK - Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropractic 4 Humours - Blood / Air; Yellow Bile - Fire; Black /bile - Earth; Phlegm - Water Temperaments of food - Hot, Dry, Wet Cold
                                  1. BLOOD - vital, cell metab - joy, mirth, well being - arteries, blood vessels
                                    1. Avoid/less - excess meat. Good food - green leafy veg, molasses, dark red fruit,
                                    2. PHLEGM - fluids, mucous, plasma, lymph - cool, moisten, nourish - lethargy, devotion, emotion, sensitivity - veins, lymphatics
                                      1. Avoid / less - dairy, fresh cheese, refined starch, sugars, flours, gluten, cold foods
                                      2. YELLOW BILE - digestion, metab, transform - liver, gall bladder, excites, passion, inflammation, ambition, courage
                                        1. Avoid / less - salt, fats, fried, vinegar, ferm foods, v hot spice, red meat
                                        2. BLACK BILE - cooling, drying, condensing, bones, teeth, structure - appetite, digestion, pensive, prudence, realism, pessimism
                                          1. Avoid/less - dry, stale, too much beans, nuts, rancid fats, nightshades
                                    3. INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Shift from classical view - Newton/Descarte to Quantum mechanics - Einstein, Hawkins, Interconnectedness of universe - nutrition, stress reduction, acupuncture, homeopathy
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