Civil Rights Movement Methods

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History (Civil Rights in 1950s-60s) Mind Map on Civil Rights Movement Methods, created by KittyG-S on 04/18/2014.

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Created by KittyG-S over 5 years ago
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Civil Rights Movement Methods
1 Freedom Rides, 1961
1.1 Organised by CORE (who were also non-violent protesters), not MLK
1.2 Although the Supreme Court ruled the desegregation of interstate buses in 1960, the riders wanted to show the difference between law and reality. They rode on the bus from Washington DC to the South, where there was the most racial hatred
1.2.1 This meant they wanted to prove that although the law meant they could ride freely on interstate buses, people would still oppose them and abuse them for doing this
1.3 They were attacked by KKK members and other white extremists who slashed the tyres and beat up the passengers
1.4 They were attacked in the bus terminals and waiting rooms, which weren't desegregated
2 Freedom Marches
2.1 The March on Washington, 1963, where MLK made his 'I Have A Dream' Speech
2.2 Organised by MLK
2.3 MLK was very organised: the Washington March had toilet facilities, 80, 000 packed lunches, doctors and nurses and first-aid stations. He wanted to provoke white extremists without violence, because then when they attacked the peaceful marchers and their children, they would look bad to others and the media
2.4 Many marchers set off from all over USA to get to Washington DC, and the march was very effective in bringing civil rights issues to the US public's attention
3 Black Power Protest at the Olympics, 1968
3.1 This was a BP stunt, not MLK's
3.2 The Black Americans who came in first and third place in a race (Smith and Carlos) wore Black Power armbands and black socks and did the Black Power fist salute
3.3 The white Australian who came second (Peter Norman) also supported them and wore black armbands and socks
3.3.1 His coffin was carried by Smith and Carlos at his funeral in 2006
3.4 They were stripped of their medals and disqualified
3.5 America was embarrassed that they did this, they brought politics into the world of sport and shamed them in front of the whole world
4 Non-violent, peaceful protests
4.1 These included silent protests, sit-ins etc...
4.2 Organised by MLK
4.3 This meant that the white extremists who attacked the activists looked like the aggressors and the bad guys
4.4 The activists had to be trained to resist abuse that whites may have given them

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