Section 4 " Cold War"


After world war 2
David Nuzzo
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Section 4 " Cold War"
  1. Conferences
    1. Tehran
      1. 1943
        1. Europe split East & West
        2. Yalta
          1. 1945
            1. USSR help defeat Japan
            2. Potsdam
              1. 1945
                1. Nazi's judged as war criminals
                  1. Germany divided into 4
                    1. US, USSR, France, Britain
                2. Hungary
                  1. Communism unpopular
                    1. Rakosi too strict
                    2. Kruschev relax communism, Hungarians protest against Rakosi
                      1. New ruler, Nagy, demands to leave Warsaw pact.
                        1. America supports, sends money
                          1. Kruschev kills Nagy and stops Hungary leaving.
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