Why did Wolsey fall?

Eva Clifton
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A Levels History (Henry VIII 1509-1540) Mind Map on Why did Wolsey fall?, created by Eva Clifton on 04/22/2014.

Eva Clifton
Created by Eva Clifton over 5 years ago
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Why did Wolsey fall?
1 Accused of Praemunire - Papal Legate in 1518, Legate for Life 1524
2 Failures in Politics
2.1 1525 Amicable Grant
2.2 1529 Peace of Cambrai
2.3 Anti-enclosure
2.4 1523 Parliament
3 Correspondence with Charles and Francis - possible treason
4 Anne Boleyn faction - Norfolk
5 the Pope and the Sack of Rome - Campeggio and the attitude of Clement VII
6 Failure to get divorce
7 Unpopularity
7.1 baseborn
7.2 wealthy
7.3 arrogant
7.4 disliked by nobility
8 Henry now has an interest in politics

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