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History GCSE
1 Treaty of Versailles
1.1 Aims of the Big Three
1.1.1 George Clemenceau, President of France Blamed Germany, Punishment Angry, wanted revenge Wanted Germany to 'pay' for the damage Threatened, Wanted independant Rhineland/ Get Alsace-Lorraine/ Peace, wanted germany weak and crippled Didn't want Germany to be a threat Got the most from the Treaty- it made Germany very weak and poor.
1.1.2 Woodrow Wilson, President of America Fair Peace Self Determination A better world, safe for 'Democracy' International Co-op (League Of Nations) Didn't want to make Germany Weak
1.1.3 David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain Trade Peace, didn't want to create anger with germany that would lead to war in the future. Compromise Punish and make Germany Pay (But not revenge, unlike France) Protect British Empire
1.2 Six terms of the treaty of versailles (GARGLE)
1.2.1 Guilt clause 231- Germany accepted blame ‘for causing all the loss and damage’ of the war.
1.2.2 Arms 100,000 Men No submarines No aeroplanes 6 battleships Rhineland De-militerised
1.2.3 Reparation 6.6 Billion Attitudes towards reparations USA: Considered a ruined Germany to be a danger to peace in the future. UK: Needed Germany as a trade partner to fight communism but also promised to make Germany pay. France: Wanted Germany to pay to get revenge
1.2.4 League of Nations Set up as a way to avoid future wars. Countries could be called to the League for discussion.
1.2.5 Germany Lost Land Saar to France (15 years) Malmedy to Belgium North Schleswig to Denmark West Prussia and Upper Silesia to Poland Danzig a ‘free city’ German colonies became ‘mandates’ of the League of Nations. Memel to Lithuania Alsace-Lorraine to France Attitudes to Germany losing territories USA: Didn't want to make Germany weak- Wilson believed in self-determination France: Wanted to carve up Germany so that it wouldn't be a threat. UK: Wanted to keep Germany economically stable/strong but also wanted over-seas territory
1.3 How did Germany Feel?
1.3.1 Being Treated Unfairly
1.3.2 Weak, Little army and All countries hated them.
1.3.3 Poor because of Reparations
1.3.4 Guity- they were blamed for the war when most of the citizens of Germany had nothing to do with the war but still had to take the blame.
1.4 Agreed at the Paris Peace Conference
1.4.1 The Conference started in January 1919
1.4.2 27 countries attended
1.4.3 It was very difficult to get agreement
1.4.4 USA, Britain and France all had different aims.
2 Other Treaties
2.1 Austria: Treaty of St Germain (Sept 1919)
2.1.1 Reparations
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