1.3 Definitions of Health

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1.3 Definitions of Health
1 Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity
2 Negative
2.1 Not being ill, diseased or unwell
2.2 Looks at what the person does not have - if they do not have a medical illness, they see themselves as healthy
3 Holistic
3.1 A state of complete physical. mental and social wellbeing
3.2 empowering and improving their quality of life
3.3 Absence of disease or illness, good physical fitness, BMI and blood pressure in normal range
3.3.1 Also involves well being, how person feels, are they happy and feel positive?
4 Positive
4.1 Being fit, feeling good, having a good BMI
4.2 Focus on the presence of certain qualities or abilities
4.3 Regardless, may be happy and fit but could have terminal illness
5 Personal
5.1 The understanding a person has about their health
5.1.1 influenced by Age Young person gets out of breath when walking up hill - nothing to worry about whereas older person see themselves as healthy if they could walk to the corner shop Social background/ Social class Lower social class = Negative view Higher social class = Positive view Lifestyle Non- smoker with persistent cough = not normal, ill health Smoker with persistent cough = normal, not ill Where you live infant mortality rates high = healthy family is child doesn't die Western countires = healthy family if child doesn't have an illness
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