1.3 Health Promotion Models

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1.3 Health Promotion Models
1 Medical Model
1.1 Aim: To achieve freedom from medically defined disease and disability
1.1.1 Strengths Accurate scientific basis & practiced by experts eg doctor Reassured Success can be tracked and confirmed eg. the disappearance of smallpox Generally free
1.1.2 Weaknesses Authoritarian - government tells you what to do (Appointments on your behalf) Time off work - won't go Technology needed is expensive Unreliable - false positives or negatives Fear of needles/ results - don't go
1.2 Focuses on the prevention of disease or disability through intervention by medical prefessionals
1.3 Encourage people to seek early detection and treatment of illnesses / flu / cancer
1.4 Immunisation
1.5 Flu jab
1.6 Cervical smears
1.7 Mammograms (Breast cancer)
2 Educational/ Behavioural Model
2.1 emphasizes information giving to promote better knowledge and understanding of health matters so that individuals can adopt healthier lifestyles
2.2 Aim: To persuade individuals and groups to adopt a healthier lifestyle by informing them of health issues
2.2.1 Strengths Allows people to make up their own minds Offers choice/ empowement Offers information and support Promotes self esteem less stress= improve all round Interesting = change attitudes in long term
2.2.2 Weaknesses Knowledge doesn't always result in changed behaviour People dislike being told what to do Behavour is not easy to change Doesn't take into account other infulences eg. temptations or stress
2.3 Behavioural part:
2.3.1 Encourage individuals to change their own attitudes or behaviour and so adopt a healthy lifestyle
2.4 Educational Part
2.4.1 Individuals are given knowledge and understanding of health issue, given skills to make informed choice and then act on it
3 Societal Model
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