Operations between Germany and Russia WWII

Robyn Chamberlain
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A-Level History (AS) Mind Map on Operations between Germany and Russia WWII, created by Robyn Chamberlain on 04/26/2014.

Robyn Chamberlain
Created by Robyn Chamberlain over 5 years ago
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Operations between Germany and Russia WWII
1 Operation Barbossa/Blitzkrieg
1.1 An all out German attack on Russia, focusing on Moscow and Stalingrad.
1.2 Mid-1941
2 Operation Blue
2.1 June 1942
2.2 2) Capturing a town with Stalin's namesake would be a good propaganda move for Germany.
2.2.1 It would boast moral in their motherland.


  • (Germanys)
2.3 Over 1.9 million people died during the seige*.


  • *Russia's citizens and soldiers had responded to the threat by staying put and not fleeing Stalingrad, despite the life expectancy and the conditions there.
2.4 3) The sixth month Battle of Stalingrad, begging august 1942, was said to be the bloodiest in History.
2.4.1 At one point the life expectentcy of a solfier was less than 24 hours and for an officer it was marginly better at 78 hours.
2.5 1) Hitler attacked, aiming to capture Stalingrad.
2.5.1 Hitler believed that in capturing Stalingrad, a vital part of Russia's wae industrial production would deprive them greatly. Consequentally, Stalin believed that if the Germans took over Stalingrad, there would be a higher chance tha they would be able to take over the whole of Russia.
3 Counter Attack
3.1 Stalin mobilised all of the Soviets resources for war.
3.1.1 For example, the inital defence of Stalingrad was manned by women (more than men).
4 Operation Typhoon
4.1 September 1941
4.2 4) It wasn't untill December 1941 that Russia, General Zhukov, launched their own counter attack against the Germans attampting to invade Moscow.
4.2.1 The attacked pushed the German army back around 200 kilometers from Moscows center.
4.3 1) The Germans launched an attack to capture Moscow.
4.4 2) The people of Moscow panicked - rioting and looting around the city.
4.5 3) Law and Order collapsed within the city.
5 Operation Uranus
5.1 1) A Soviet counter offensive cost 1.1 million Red Army, and 800,000 German troops, lives.
5.2 3) By December 1943, two-thirds of Germany occupied territory was captured by the Red Army.
5.3 Launched September, 1942.
5.4 2) By February 1943, all German troops were driven from Stalingrad.

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