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1 Emmet
1.1 When my country takes her place among the nations of the earth, then and not till then shall my epitaph be written.
1.1.1 NICK PELLING"Stamped the idea of an independent republic into the minds of Irish men for generations to come"
2 O'connel
2.1 Emancipation
2.1.1 Twenty years have passed away...and we are still slaves VESSY FITZGERALD"So complete and so formidable that no man can contemplate wiithout alarm what is to follow in this wretched country..." We are watching the tens of thousands of disiplened fanatics concentrating every single passion on one object...Emanipation ENGLISH MP" must bring the Catholic question to a crisis and conslusion O'C"One of the greatest triumphs recorded in history - a bloodless revolution" JC BECKETT"Proved a more significant turning point in the history of modern Ireland than 1800"
2.2 Repeal
2.2.1 A&P"Vast pressure group" PEEL"Clontarf marked the effective end of the repeal campaign."
2.2.2 J.C BECKETT"No other single person has left such an unmistakable mark on the history of Ireland OLIVER MACDONAGH"He was perhaps the greatest innovator in modern democratic politics as well as te originator of almost all the basic strategies of Anglo-Irish constitutional relations
2.3 Reform
3 Young Irelanders
3.1 ROBERT KEE"Believed in the idea of the essential unity of all irishmen of whatever creed race of class they might be
3.1.1 F.S.L LYONS"Exhibted all the classical symptoms of romantic idealism totally out of touch with the world of reality
4 Fenians
4.1 NICK PELLING" Masterly Inactivity
4.1.1 F.S.L LYONS"Had a symbolic significance"
5 Home Rule: Issac Butt
6 Land War/League
6.1 A&P"The Irish National cause now became linked with an agrarian crisis
6.1.1 A&P"Fusing into one national movement of all the elements of Irish protest&grievance" A&P"Politics had superseded the agrarian struggle. Once again the fate of Ireland was centered on the House of Commons"
7 Home Rule:Parnell
7.1 A&P"Parnell&Parnellite principles"
8 Overview of Parnell&Gladstone
8.1 A&P"Turned it from a vague ideal into a realistic aim&convinced the majority of Irish people that it was a just&feasible solution to the Irish problem
8.1.1 NICK PELLING"He turned the IPP into a strong, united&disciplined electoral force which played a key role in British politics in the 1800's
9 Cultural Nationalism
9.1 REES"Provided the prop for cultural nationalists at the turn of the century"
9.1.1 REES"Played a crucial role in raising awareness of a distinct Irish Culture" REES"The impact of the League&Thr organisations labouring under the cultural nationalist umbrella must not obscure the fact cultural nationalism was very much a minority movement
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