Mussolini's Economic Battles

Eva Clifton
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A Levels History (Fascist Italy 1915-1945) Mind Map on Mussolini's Economic Battles, created by Eva Clifton on 04/28/2014.

Eva Clifton
Created by Eva Clifton over 5 years ago
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Mussolini's Economic Battles
1 Lira
1.1 Aims
1.1.1 Fix Lira at 90:£1
1.1.2 reduce inflation
1.1.3 confirm image of Fascism stabilising Italy
1.1.4 make Italy powerful
1.2 Actions taken
1.2.1 tight controls on money supply
1.2.2 deflate economy to increase Lira value
1.2.3 exchange rate fixed
1.3 Effects
1.3.1 1927 - Lira at 90:£1 achieved
1.3.2 Showed authority of regime
1.3.3 Italy's exports became expensive outside of Italy
1.3.4 smaller firms were taken over
1.3.5 deflation
2 Grain
2.1 Aims
2.1.1 boost cereal production
2.1.2 stop foreign bread being sold in Italy
2.1.3 to become less dependent on foreign imports (for WII)
2.1.4 show Italy as major power
2.2 Actions taken
2.2.1 high tariffs on imported grain
2.2.2 marginal land used for growth (expensive)
2.2.3 grants given to farms for equipment and fertilisers
2.3 Effects
2.3.1 cereal production doubled from 1922-39
2.3.2 wheat imports fell by 75%
2.3.3 raised cost of grain and bread
2.3.4 declined quality of Italian diet
3 Marshes
3.1 Aim
3.1.1 show dynamic government
3.1.2 increase land available for cereal production
3.1.3 provide more jobs
3.1.4 reduce malaria
3.2 Actions taken
3.2.1 laws passed on land reclamation
3.2.2 private landowners encouraged to co-operate with drainage schemes
3.3 Effects
3.3.1 land in south was not reclaimed
3.3.2 southern owners blocked plans
3.3.3 jobs and public health improved
3.3.4 Latina and Sabandia - towns created as showpieces

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