Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004

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Created by Terataki over 5 years ago
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Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004
1 schedule 1 T.Management Scheme
1.1 Model rules governing decision making liability for costs relating to the building
1.1.1 Falls only to parts that fall within the definition of scheme property {do not have to be co-owned to be scheme property}
1.2 Scheme decisions
1.2.1 Types
1.2.2 Procedural requirements and voting
1.2.3 Right of appeal to the Sheriff
1.3 Emergency work
1.4 Scheme costs
1.4.1 Change of ownership
1.5 Mandatory rules for insurance and maintenance
2 Tenement = building or part of a building which comprises two related flats at least- 2 of which are designed to be:
2.1 a) in separate ownership
2.2 b) divided with each other horizontally
2.2.1 Recourse : to the title and any real burdens affecting it to detemine the matter Boundaries: Flat close (Connected passage/ common stair) 3D space in the building e.g cellar
2.3 ss.1-3 common law rules
3 Development management Scheme

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