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AQA IGCSE Biology (EOY exams yr 8) Mind Map on Movement, created by Emma Boxley on 05/10/2013.

Emma Boxley
Created by Emma Boxley over 6 years ago
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1 Skeleton
1.1 It is there for:
1.1.1 Support
1.1.2 Protection
1.1.3 Movement
1.1.4 Protection of vital organs
1.1.5 Structure of the body
1.2 Bones are shaped like tubes
1.2.1 The middle is filled with marrow
2 Joints
2.1 Bones are attached to other bones via ligaments (slightly elastic)
2.2 A smooth layer of cartilage prevents the wears of surfaces in contact
2.2.1 Shock Absorbant
2.3 A small amount of liquid (synovial fluid) reduces friction
2.4 Types
2.4.1 Hinge knee, wrist, elbow
2.4.2 Ball + socket Shoulder, Hip
2.4.3 Partly movable vertebrae in your spine Can only move slightly
2.4.4 Fixed Skull No movement whatsoever
3 Muscles
3.1 Muscles can only contract
3.1.1 This makes them get shorter
3.2 They have antagonistic pairs
3.2.1 e.g one muscle relaxes, the other contracts
3.2.2 Examples Biceps and Triceps Bending the arm Biceps contracts Triceps relaxes Straightening the arm Triceps contracts Biceps relaxes Holding the arm rigid Both Biceps and Triceps contracts
3.3 Muscles are attached to the bone by non-elastic tendons

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