The impact of money on US elections and political process

Dan Bacon
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GCSE Politics Mind Map on The impact of money on US elections and political process, created by Dan Bacon on 03/15/2017.

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Dan Bacon
Created by Dan Bacon over 2 years ago
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The impact of money on US elections and political process
1 Attempts at campaign finance reform show that this is a key issue
1.1 1974 Federal Election Campaign Act
1.1.1 Established the FEC and limited the level of donations But undermined by Supreme Court - hard and soft money
1.2 2002 McCain-Feingold Act
1.2.1 Tried to restrict the use of soft money but had a limited impact Banned foreign donations and made a stand by your ad provision
1.3 2010 FEC v Citizens United
1.3.1 Limits on what corporations could spend unconstitutional Could allow big business and unions an important voice in the future
2 Obama
2.1 Harnessed the power of the internet to design the first 21st century fund raising machine
2.1.1 By the end of the election, 3 million people had donated over $760 million This meant he became the first candidate that could forgo federal funds This meant that campaign spending limits did not apply During the campaign he could pour resources into crucial swing states In North Carolina, Obama spent over 5 times the amount McCain did on TV ads This was more than the combined amount from Bush-Kerry in 2004 Obama raised over $700m in 2012 - Romney trailed behind with $474m Both candidates could decline federal funds showing the limitations of legislation
3 Finance in 2016
3.1 Clinton raised $620 million - Trump just over $330 million
3.1.1 The ability of Clinton to raise money before the election scared off many challengers All figures show that Clinton outspent Trump in 2016 but lost Does this show that money was not important? Or was it because of the unique nature of Trump? His campaign got a great deal of free publicity due his actions He also had the support of websites such as Breitbart and the Fox news channel Does it also show the growing power of social media and the tendency of voters to focus on what they want to hear?
4 The length of campaigns
4.1 Most candidates announce their campaign over a year before the election
4.1.1 The invisible primary - all about name recognition and media profile Primary elections take place January-June of election year Candidates have to spend hundreds of millions to succeed in these Sanders spent $234m in his attempt to defeat Clinton
5 Synoptic Links
5.1 The role of the media in US elections
5.1.1 The importance of attack ads and negative campaigning This turns many away from the political process Low turnout figures
5.2 The rise of the Super PACs
5.2.1 Soft money - over $1 billion was spent in 2016 Priorities USA Action spent $133m - they support Clinton Get our jobs back spent $50m supporting Trump
5.3 The influence of Pressure Groups on the political process
5.3.1 The influence of the NRA on Congress Since the 2012 election, the NRA has spent $3m a year lobbying Congress

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