Select Committees

Ben Robinson
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Mind Map on Select Committees, created by Ben Robinson on 05/01/2014.

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Ben Robinson
Created by Ben Robinson over 5 years ago
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Select Committees
1 Functions
1.1 Resarch
1.2 Scrutinise policy
1.3 Make suggestions for bill ammendments
1.4 Hear evidence from experts on a certain topic
1.5 Question ministers
2 Notable Examples to use
2.1 Hearing evidence
2.1.1 Russell Brand on Drug Addiction
2.2 Chair of Committees
2.2.1 Sir Richard Ottoway - Foreign Affairs Committee
3 Positives
3.1 Allow for greater scrutiny
3.2 Can influence policy
3.3 Offer a role for backbenchers
3.4 Voices of people can be heard
4 Negatives
4.1 Government does not have to listen to them
4.2 Can take a while to agree
4.3 Low media coverage