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Executive Branch


Erika Guadarrama
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Erika Guadarrama
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Executive Branch
  1. The President
    1. Head of state
      1. Head of Government
      2. Commander in chief
        1. Must be 35 years old.
          1. Must be a resident in the U.S for 14 consecutive years & a natural born citizen.
        2. He appoints supreme court members
          1. Responsible for Executing the laws and enforcing them.
            1. Can only serve 2 consecutive terms.
              1. LIves in white house with famiy
                1. he gets a pay of 400,00 a year
                2. The Cabinet
                  1. President appoints Cabinet members.
                    1. Senate confirms the people appointed by president.
                    2. 25 Cabinet member
                      1. 15 executive departments
                      2. they discuss issues the nation is facing.
                      3. Electoral College
                        1. 538 electors in the electoral college
                          1. Each state electors are chosen by one for each Cngressional delegateions
                        2. The CIA
                          1. Environmental protection agency
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