Narrative Theory - Levi-Strauss

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Narrative Theory - Levi-Strauss
1 Looks at narrative theory in terms of binary oppositions
2 Binary oppositions are sets of opposite values which reveal the structure of media texts
3 An example would be 'Good' and 'Evil'
3.1 e.g. Horror films
4 Not so interested in looking at the order in which events were arranged in the plot
4.1 Instead he looked for deeper arrangements of themes
5 Police Vs Criminal
5.1 e.g. News, Crime & Gangster and Police TV Dramas
6 Hero Vs Villian
6.1 e.g. Action films
7 Relationships Vs Loneliness
7.1 e.g. Romance TV and film, Pop Music Videos
8 Wealthy Vs Poverty
8.1 Game/quiz show with cash prizes and rap music videos
9 Another way of looking at narratives is by looking for a 'structure in the way in which the narrative unfolds'
9.1 structure can be something quite basic
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