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Created by rachaelpengelly over 5 years ago
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1 Album
1.1 "Play"
1.2 1999
1.3 9 million copies
2 Structure
2.1 A1- INTRO A2- male singer A3 percussion A4 bass and string synth A5 syncopated piano chords
2.2 B*1 female singer B**1 New chord sequence
2.3 A6 male singer and second vocal line A7 (A6 repeated)- one bar pause with faded echo's
2.4 B*2 Female singer ( no piano of percussion B**2 Piano and percussion return B**3 By2 repeated
2.5 A8 Male singer, no piano or percusion
3 Dance music
3.1 samples
3.1.1 1950's gospel music
3.1.2 King Jesus will roll all burdens away
3.1.3 background noise was not removed
3.1.4 "why does my heart feel do bad?"
3.1.5 "These open doors" looped
3.2 club scene
3.3 layered textures
3.4 and loops
4 Theme A
4.1 A minor e Minor G D
5 Instruments
5.1 Synthesiser
5.2 Sampler
5.3 Roland TR drum machine
6 techniques
6.1 delay
6.2 EQ
6.3 Reverb
6.4 Echo
7 Theme B
7.1 B*
7.1.1 C A minor C A minor
7.1.2 Looped 2 bar phrase
7.2 B**
7.2.1 F C F C
7.2.2 major chords

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